While certainly not an original idea, I've always been fascinated by the truthful abstract qualities present in nature and in everyday scenes. I've snapped many a shot searching for this.
As these images portray reality without manipulating colour or contrast etc with the computer or other means, they clearly represent the original subject. Yet, if successful as an abstract, they also evoke planes or principles of perception pleasing to other senses and not necessarily related to the original object.
There is often an accidental process in the making of these images allowing for a sort of adventure and discovery for me. This sounds like elementary 'artspeak' I know, but I'm just trying to be honest and plain about it.
I started to collect images of this sort to provide myself with backdrops or starting points for paintings which would tend toward the abstract and non-representational.
As time went on and few paintings ensued, I would come across these images periodically and still be intrigued by them simply for what they are, regardless of any other potentialities.
Perhaps I'm still searching for that perfect combination with these shots to illuminate or inspire me to paint that perfect compositional painting, but in the meanwhile I'll keep snapping these happy little combinations that I like to look at once and a while.


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