Mass media controls the intellect of souls
who'll search and find commercials in between
Caught up in their roles and guided by their goals
and trusting the unholy one eyed mean machine

When you plug it in and start it up and let it slowly fill your cup
you let yourself get sucked in through the wires
They'll twist you any way they please and show you all those comedies
then they'll try to tell you your desires

The way it looks at me, each time with new hypocrisy
just makes me want to throw it out the door
The dumbest time is prime but TV doesn't mind
It'll give you what you might give a grade four

The unholy one eyed mean machine, it knows that you can think and dream
and it just wants the ratings to get higher
Don't let it come manipulate and tell you all about your fate
It makes you think that you are it's best buyer

I don't mean to say that I got it sussed
and there's something we have yet discussed
the NEWS and that is on most every hour*
Don't watch TV, though you think you must
and don't look ever into it with trust
because the unholy one eyed mean machine has

*Back in 1978, the news was broadcast roughly one hour a day...the line in the song was changed since CNN was born