James Gain is a practicing freelance artist who works in a variety of fields. He has been active in the arts for over 30 years. beginning his profession by painting signs and posters in the 'Beach' area in the east end of Toronto in 1977, he has gone on to become a successful Portrait Painter, Muralist, Caricaturist and Commercial Artist. He's also interested in Landscapes and Music.

He has performed music in a number of solo and group situations in a variety of venues since his late teens. While limiting his public performances to very rarely, he now enjoys to write instrumentals and songs. Most of his effort in live performance is primarily directed toward the interior elements of Gregorian Chant. .

I painted this mural for Beaverton in 2008 . See more shots of it here.

To see an excellent photo of it taken by Erich Kubart click here

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